Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogger Server Possessed


I've recently been informed that the link to my art blog was not linking correctly, so I've made the changes. Blogger's server is being a bit slow right now, so it hasn't updated the changes I made, but hopefully will sometime within the year! For all of those whose clicking on that link has come up fruitless, here is the link for your convenience:




Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Pictures from Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen: a town steeped in a thick, dizzying atmosphere. Maybe this dizziness is from the heights of the breathtaking mountains, or maybe it comes from the kif (Arabic for MARIJUANA - pronounced "keef") that is pressured upon every non-native visitor to the region.

The kif industry is booming in northern Morocco (the regional economy depends on it), and the salesmen who deal it have to hear "no" at least a few times before they're dissuaded. If you include a little sass in your rejection of one of these fine, upstanding young gentlemen, they may even tell you to "go back to your f@#%ing country!"

Other than the kif salesmen, the townsfolk are generally nice, and tend to think tourists are Spaniards (it's very refreshing to have someone call you "amigo," instead of hearing "bonjour" or the ever-irritating "ca va").

The town is predominantly blue (literally), and is as picturesque as the local scenery. I've included a few amazing shots; some of the best views we've seen so far!

Here's a link to another volunteer's photo blog. The pictures are likely to be better because she has a digital SLR.