Thursday, December 25, 2008

l'3id Kbir, et al.

It snows in Minnehaha! Here's the proof!

In our down time, when it's nice, we take walks around our town. Here's Emily with our town behind her walking on "the road to Meknes!"

Our l'Eid Kbir was great! It's a sacrificial holiday that celebrates Abraham's obedience to God, as when Abraham was about to obey the order to sacrifice his son, God replaced his son with a sheep. Hence, every year, each family that is able to do so purchases a sheep, has it slaughtered, and feasts upon it for about a week!

Unfortunately, the slaughter took place in a very dimly lit part of our house, so we weren't able to get any decent "up close" pictures to show. No problem; if you're determined and resourceful, you'll be able to find slaughter pics and other goodies on other Peace Corps Volunteers' blogs! During the morning of L'Eid Kbir, this was our view from our living room window:

However, we did get some pictures of the l'Eid eve celebration and our family preparing the organs for our lunch: liver, heart, lungs, and other organs deliciously wrapped in fat, flame-grilled to perfection, and served between hand-made bread! Wouldn't this concept do well in America!

We recently visited our friend Lisa, who lives in a town close to Minnehaha. It's not nestled in the mountains like our town is, therefore, it's somewhat warmer than Minnehaha. We took a stroll around her town and ended up in a pretty nice park, which apparently housed monkeys and even lions at one point. The cages looked like they could barely contain a group of teenage boys... Lisa's host mother said, laughing, that the animals all died as a result of the cold. Seems like a big oversight on the part of the animal's's a shot from within the park.

We also celebrated Christmas at Lisa's house with her family. The first night we were there, we made eggnog and started on our gingerbread house. The second night, we made chocolate and mint cookies and finished our gingerbread house. Check out the pictures:

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