Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Home in Morocco

From the inside...I forgot to take external pics. Soon, we'll have some of those!

As you walk in, looking towards the kitchen. Our skylight is a bit leaky right now, that's why we have the bucket in the middle of the floor!

Our kitchen. We like the counter space and the shelving for storage and, of course, our water heater (not pictured)!

From the kitchen looking back to the living room. We want to get a curtain to hang in order to keep the warmth in there. The openness of the house plan is not conducive to holding heat!

A view from one of our ponjes toward the kitchen and the utility room. Right now, we're using the extra room as a place to exercise!

Finally, a shot of our roof. Today marks the end of a 6-day rain storm that has been plaguing much of this area. Needless to say, we had to get much of our stuff on the roof so as to get rid of the accumulated dampness.

It's amazing how much of a role the sun plays in the lives of Moroccans: a source of heat on a cold day, a way to dry and sanitize one's blankets/sheep skins/clothes/pillows/grain/couches/etc, etc, etc, and
a reason to come out of the house and socialize.

We didn't get to wash our dirty clothes today (which are piling up), and we hope that there's sun tomorrow in order to facilitate that process! This is one of the many ways that the pace of life is slower here in Morocco. In America, we'd normally just drive to the laundromat to dry our laundry, rain or shine, day or night (or simply purchase a drier and have it installed in our home). Here, we have to WAIT for the sun to come to us: a test of the limits of our American patience. So far, we're doing well.



N said...

sweet! looks amazing, guys. already so well furnished and everything! congratulations-- i wish you the best

cgreenberg said...

jon hi it's charlie heather,justin,joshua and grandma B pealse e-mail us let us know if there is a better way to get in touch with you guys be safe luv you both charlie