Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Craft Fair Products for Marché Maroc in Marrakesh

Emily has worked tirelessly for the past several months helping the women of the Al Falah cooperative develop amazing, innovative products. Here are some pictures of products made mostly by the women (as of yet, Emily has made the hand-made paper by herself). I couldn't wait for her to post this, so I'm doing it myself!!!

Crocheted Change Purse

Crocheted Cell Phone Purse

Embroidered Greeting Card and Envelope with Hand Made Paper

Like snowflakes, they're all different!

A sample display, showing some signage and the crocheted Moroccan shoe earrings that the women are now making.


B said...

I love it all ~ gorgeous paper, especially! What's the price for the amazigh cell phone cozy? I love it! Emily, I hope you're feeling better ...

Kristin said...

hi! my husband and i are currently PCVs in Swaziland. we are COSing May29th and will be in Morocco for travel July 6-16th! we will be visiting marrakech, essaouria, fez, chefchaouen. we'd appreciate any tips for where to stay, what's great, etc. Please contact me at if you get a chance. thank you so so much!!! ps- i love the products you have posted from the women's coop!

Emily and Jon said...

Thanks, for your comments! I've already e-mailed Kristin and as for B, the cell phone cozies are just 30dhs!