Friday, June 25, 2010

Impromptu Henna Party

Yesterday when I arrived at the artisana the girls where preparing a bunch of henna. I asked what the occasion was, but Fatima simply told me that the girls just felt like doing it. That's one thing that I enjoy about my job here...I never really know what's going to happen on any given day.

I managed to take just a few pictures and do a little crochet before it was my turn. After I got hennaed I was totally useless of course and just sat there and chatted for the next two hours. Fatima took this picture of me right after Ayisha finished drawing it on my skin. She's a really great henna artist! I love all the delicate line weight that she was able to achieve!

When I got home I dabbed the dried henna with some olive oil before peeling it off. The girls told me to just use vegetable oil (probably because it's cheaper), but I opted for the good stuff. I think the oil is supposed to help the henna "set," but it also just feels nice on the skin because the dried henna doesn't feel that great. when the henna first comes off it's bright yellow, then darkens up over the next several hours. By today it was a nice brown color.

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