Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun with Paper Beads!

Wednesday, September 1st, was the first day back to work for (some of) the coop ladies. Unfortunately, I had to break the news to them that Marché Maroc, the craft fair in Fes, wasn't going to happen this year (I'm so totally bummed out about this for them, perhaps even more than they are). The fair was supposed to happen in October and now that they don't have that to look forward to, I figured why not introduce a fun little project and make some paper beads? It turned out to be a huge hit with the girls. They were so into what they were doing they weren't even talking! Now, that's saying something! Here's a few pictures that I shot of them yesterday.

For a how-to on how to make these beads check out one of my previous posts here. After posting that how-to I found another great video from a cooperative in Uganda who make amazing paper beads. Their stuff is really great! Check it out their video tutorial here.

And here's a little preview of a paper bead project that I've been working on...

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Mzuribeads said...

hi, just leaving a quick note to say thanks for the link.. your work is super, and your blog is most inspiring. I am the director of Mzuribeads and I have been to Morocco many times.. I am so happy to see the paper bead love is present there also!
super work. Thanks again.
Kirstie MacLean