Thursday, October 7, 2010

Close of Service Conference

Last week was our Close of Service Conference, which means that it's time to start saying good bye. It was really great to see everyone in our staj again. Out of the 29 Small Business Development volunteers that come to Morocco in 2008, 26 of us will finish our service this November. To commemorate the two years that we've spent together, Lisa Payne drew this lovely picture of our entire staj.

And here we are in the same configuration in photo form. As you can see, Lisa was pretty much spot on with her interpretation of us!

Top row (from left to right):
Jon Lindberg, Mike Lightman, Jonathan Santeliz, Joy Chen, Kristen Apa, Tim Michetti, Rebecca Luhrs

2nd row:
Emily Lindberg, Jennifer Jae Boyd, Steven Schnelle, Nathaniel Krause, Lynn Dines, April Koury, Courtney Healy (upper), Angie Bertramson (lower), Randy Leisenring (lower), Jared Imse (upper)

3rd row:
Lisa Payne, Maggie Downey, Colin Huerter, Michael Craig, Dena Thomas, Dan Hudner, Sarah Young, Terra Fuller, Cynthia Berning

In addition to the awesome drawing, each SBD volunteer received a superlative. Everyone pitched in with coming up with ones for our fellow stajmates, but I think it was Joy who was the mastermind. She was in charge of gathering them and making sure that everyone had a really good one. More on that later when I get the complete list from Joy.

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