Saturday, October 9, 2010

Haiku of the day

need a crochet break
called my mom for her birthday
shepherd's pie tasty


Lisa said...

Did someone just say Shepherd's Pie? What?!

Inspired response:

need a painting break
I made some pumpkin chili
we wish you were here

Nancy said...

Thanks for the call, what a surprise, and nice skype visit too.
Wedding was great, cake turned out fabulous!
Jess had a red dress, the wedding theme was Ohio State!
Love ya,

Emily and Jon said...

Lisa, the Shepherd's pie was awesome! we had some left over crust from earlier this week that we used and we filled it with other leftovers (stuffing, green beans, carets, mashed potatoes) + kefta. Yum Yum. Wish we could have tried the pumpkin chili though, sounds great. Nice Haiku too.

Lisa said...

Sounds like an excellent way to use leftovers! I hope you are enjoying the fall chill :)