Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 Year Anniversary!

Yes, Emily and I have been married for 1 year now! Peace Corps....what an anniversary present!!!

Early in the morning, Emily took a picture of our room's view. Have a gander.

Anyways, today was an extension of yesterday, going over staging exercises that reinforced the main themes of Peace Corps orientation: safety, integration, and health, among others.

During our lunch break, we walked around and found a Mexican restaurant called "Mad Mex." It had some really interesting and funny food names, which I unfortunately cannot remember right now. Emily got a shot of our group as we walked up to the place.

After the day was over, we gathered downstairs as a large group. Some of us went to the east side of town to check out some sights. We took the train over to the 8th street stop and we saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I was pretty impressed with Independence Hall because it made me think of the movie "National Treasure." That was a cool part of the movie. Here's a shot of the Liberty Bell:

We walked around a bit after that. We headed to South Street, which ended up being a larger, grittier version of Coventry (for all of you Cleveland fans)! We took the train home after that and ended the night by hanging out at a local pizza place.

We forgot to include a picture of our room, so here's one from yesterday that shows our desk, computer, and flat screen TV (which we didn't use)!

Tired. Going to bed to get a restful night of sleep before our big day of travelling tomorrow!



Becki said...

happy anniversary! You two are just the cutest and are going to do some awesome work in Morocco...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your adventure!!! I supposed it is true then... every adventure starts with the first slice (of pizza)... if this were 500 years in the past I'd have to advise you that 'beyond this be dragons' but, well, we know better than that now. Be safe...


KASCP said...

happy anniversary!!!