Sunday, September 14, 2008

As promised, pretty pictures

SBD peeps just about ready to head out to our Seminar Site!

Our drive to our Seminar Site became more and more mountainous as we drove toward Morocco's interior.

During our trip, we saw lots of farms chock full of livestock.

This is a view from our Seminar Site toward the mountain that we scaled today!

The beginning of the hike was just before a cemetary. We walked through the cemetary to continue on our way.

It was a tough hike up the trail. We hiked about 1000 feet up.

But it was well worth it!

Emily with our Seminar Site in the background!

A shot of our amazing food! Fresh vegetables, bread, chicken, and lentil soup!

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Jake said...

Hey Jon and Emily,

That food sounds good!! Better than some of the stuff I am trying to make. Anyways, wanted to let you know I got the message. Been real busy training at the Melting Pot. I am available most mornings though during the week.


P.S. Nice Pics