Thursday, September 4, 2008

...what the Peace Corps tells us not to do...


Here's my week:

Monday: Finished working at Cedar Point, worked on packing our cluttered apartment.

Tuesday: Packed/moved all day long; rented moving truck; moved most of our life into the truck; went out to the 800 club one last time....went to bed around 1am.

Wednesday: up early at 5:30am; moved more stuff into the truck; drove to our storage site and emptied the truck; got the truck back on time, I don't really remember what happened after that....errands...visiting people...etc.

Thursday: More errands and visiting people...

Friday (tomorrow): Looks like even more errands and visiting people...

Saturday: Our flight to Philadelphia at 9am kicks off the Peace Corps Bonanza!

I'm never ever the type to rant in a blog about the drama of my life. I do, however, feel that preparing for the Peace Corps (moving, etc.) in 4 days is one of the most mentally and physically draining things I have done in life so far. Next time I decide to halt the events of my life and do a 180 degree turn, I'm going to give myself at least a full week and a few more pairs of hands to help out with the move!

I can't wait till I can just rest!

Enjoy floor-computer pictures (desk was packed in truck):


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