Wednesday, September 17, 2008

well here's some more pictures for everyone to enjoy, for those of you that enjoy weaving will like these pictures. most of these pictures where taken on suday, the same day we did our hike. Jon didn't come out to the Artisanat, but I had a great time seeing the different sorts of crafts they do here. notice the big show room, and the studio of looms. At a seperate rug shop Lynn and Dan where dressed up in berber wedding blankets, infact I was dressed up as well, but I didn't include it because it's kinda blurry.

So, we've been busy with lots of semenars and language training. we're really trying our best to master the language, but it's very slow. I'm getting more and more excited about our work with SBD. Our program manager is very inspiring.

here's the Artisanat, and yes it is spelled right

here's some HUGE looms for weaving rugs at the local co-op

Here's a loom in the same rug shop

here's a couple of our fellow PCTs all dressed up in Berber wedding garb in the middle of a rug shop

here's an image from the roof of where we're staying!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, great pics,

Em, I guess you are in weaving heaven.

Need help in finding the keys.