Saturday, September 6, 2008

Philly: Day 1

What a day!

My first experience in Philadelphia involved meeting a handful of extremely friendly Peace Corps trainees as we waited for the shuttle bus to the Sheraton Hotel. That experience hasn't changed very much throughout the day: everyone that Emily and I talk to are very friendly and open to learning about one another!!! It's the easiest social experience that I've ever taken part in. That's saying alot, because I'm usually socially handicapped in large meet-and-greet situations.

The hotel is amazing! It's by far the fanciest in which I have stayed. There is a computer with free internet, a flat screen TV, a huge desk/work area, and EXTREMELY comfy beds! Very impressed!

Our orientation today was ok...although I'm looking forward to our Pre Service Training when we arrive in Morocco. I'm also looking forward to learning about the culture and starting to learn the language. Many people here have had experience with Arabic, so I'm feeling a little nervous about my status language-wise. I want to dive right into it!

Emily and I walked around with a group of fellow trainees tonite after we ate at a Thai restaurant. The weather was mild and breezy: a perfect night for a walk. There were a few interesting sights as well...mostly old churches and buildings that were excellent architectural specimens: Gothic and Italian among others. Very old; very cool!

So that's pretty much it. Going to work on some homework with Emily and hit the sack.


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