Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sounds of Morocco, on to CBT, et al

I've been wanting to do this post for a long time, but I've had to wait a little while to "accumulate" enough sounds. Unfortunately, I did not record these sounds, I'm only listing the numerous, various, and always interesting molecular vibrations that have entered our room within the past week:

In no particular order:

Donkey cries (eeee-hah eee-hah eee-hah), extremely LOUD cat meows, barking dogs, growling dogs, yelping dogs, construction sounds (bulldozers, trucks, etc.), the call to prayer @ around 4am, various strange birdcalls, the sounds of children playing, men and women laughing, and cars and trucks driving by (we're located on the main strip in the town in which we're doing our pre service training).

There's probably more sounds, but I can't think of all of them right now....

Emily and I have recieved information about our first homestay family, whom we will meet tomorrow. A mother (housewife), a father (butcher), and 3 kids: a 22 year old female, a 16 year old male, and a 6 month old baby girl! We will be travelling about 120 km from this site to go to our Community Based Training (CBT) site, where this family lives. In addition to us, there are 4 other trainees who will be staying with 4 seperate families in our CBT site. There, we will continue our language and technical training while we live with, and learn from, our homestay family. This is a very exciting experience for all of us because this will be a MAJOR step in our language and cultural growth.

Around October 2, we will come back to this site to debrief and describe our experience learning from our families and the local artisanat (the artisan groups that we will interview, learn from, and work with). A week or so later, we will go back to our homestay familes to complete phase 2 of CBT. After 2 1/2 more weeks at CBT, we'll be back here to conclude our pre service training.

Does it all make sense right now? Not exactly. We have a general idea of what's going on, but we have to complete our CBT training and the rest of PST to really be prepared as volunteers.

We're not taking our laptop with us to CBT, so in a week or ten days, we'll have another post concerning our first stage of CBT.



mike said...

A butcher huh! At least you will be eating good.I hope all is going well for you guys.

Sarah J. said...

Jon and Em,

I miss you guys. I am so glad to hear that you are learning a lot and adjusting well. do you guys have an email that you use there?

love you!

jonboyjr23 said...

yeah, but i don't know if we can stomach the stomach meat any longer. Otherwise the food is pretty good. We're both doing great and we can be reached at our normal email addresses.